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Project Description
Phone7ActionPack #wp7ap is a set of tools aimed at making developing for Windows Phone 7 as easy as possible. It will include some useful Extension Methods, Behaviors, Actions, Triggers and several controls.

If you talk about this on twitter could you kindly tag it with #wp7ap and you can follow me on twitter @phpn00b where I will tweet any an all news.
I will be posting more samples here

First release is up and I will be aiming to do a major release every 2 weeks. Till I get some real meat on the action packs bones.
The action packs goals are simple to bring in to expression blend for design time usage as many as possible of the underlying elements of the framework.

It should be noted that any class not marked as stable or working is still in development and not expected to work

Currently Implemented (at some level)
  • OrientationChangedGoToStateBehavior - Forces visual state changes based on changes to the phone orientation
  • PhoneFileDataSource - Control that will read/write/list files in the applications Isolated Storage
  • MakeCallAction - Action that can be attached to any FrameworkElement that will make the phone call a number based on bound properties
  • CallMethodAction - This is just a simple port from Silverlight of the same basic action that calls a method on a target element
  • ChoosePhoneNumberAction - Simple Action that will bring up the phones contact list and allow the user to pick a phone number

  • PhonePositionControl - expose as dependency properties all useful information about the position of the phone
  • TakePictureBehavior - simple behavior that takes a picture based on an event on the attached object
  • AccelerometerControl - expose as dependency properties all useful information about the accelerometer on the phone so that visual elements can be bound to them.
More to come

Just a side not as for using this stuff in any project of yours
This is free open source software, I don't expect to make money with the Action Pack but I would like to know if and how you use it. Not for legal reasons just so that I can get a feel for how people want to use this software.

HD Version of the second Sample Video Phone7ActionPack Sample 2.7z

Thanks to my coworker Jose Salvador who kindly gave us a logo for the Phone7ActionPack.

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